About Us

Kettlebell Concierge is mainly a resource site for Kettlebell/Girvoy Sport (GS) enthusiasts, athletes and folks that are curious.  It was created to be a service for Sport enthusiasts to find gyms to train while traveling, see where competitions are happening, connect with coaches for training and certifications, and purchase competition kettlebells, gear & t-shirts.

The requirement for a GYM listing is that the facility has competition-style kettlebells.

The requirement for a COACH listing is that the focus is Kettlebell/Girvoy Sport training.  

Gyms with competition-style bells that teach non-Sport movements can be listed if they are comfortable with allowing guests to use the bells. And if your only knowledge of kettlebells is non-Sport movements, you are welcome to train at the gyms listed.

IF YOU DO NOT FIND YOUR CITY —Please contact the Concierge so your city, state and/or country can be added. (Most US & Canadian cities can be found.)

NOTE TO COACHES–If you have a blog & post articles, please let us know. Once you are listed, Kettlebell Concierge will post relevant articles at no charge to expand your exposure.

Contact the Concierge directly at kettlebellconcierge@gmail.com for any assistance.

Thank you for supporting Kettlebell Sport.